Allure of xeriscape landscaping [a photo tour]

Amid one of the hottest summers in recent years, we had a chance to catch up with Andrea, the horticulturist of Jon C. Irby Landscaping, to learn more about xeriscape landscape. While this design scheme has been a part of the Blackrock Homes’ landscape practice for many years, the full scope of its beauty and benefits is gaining new appreciation. As awareness for conserving natural resources continues to be a focus – namely, water – we were delighted to learn that the Urban Series collection by Blackrock Homes gets an A+. 
The xeriscape concept is most visible along our common areas and two-story homes. For common areas, the groundwork begins with a two to three inch layer of heavy mulch. The two-story homes’ front yards feature 1/4″ crushed rock in shades of tan and black, also at two to three inches in depth. All plant material is thoughtfully selected, based on its heat resistance and minimal water requirements. These high performing plants thrive in our high desert region, and many offer multi-season color. Here is a photographic tour of some of the most common plant material found in Blackrock neighborhoods:
  • super drought tolerant
  • may bloom all summer long; dead-heading promotes new growth, and trim back in the fall
  • 18″h x 18″w at maturity


Russian Sage
  • very drought tolerant
  • holds color all season long
  • long bloom time
  • 6-8’h x 4’w


Ivory Halo Dogwood, deciduous
  • year round interest
  • leaves fall off and the actual branches have color
  • 5’h x 5’w


Karl Forester
  • allure in summer and fall with golden color
  • 3’h x 2-3’w


Limelight Hydrangea

  • 3-season color: starts green, blooms white, then blooms pink
  • very hardy
  • heat tolerant; dead-head in fall
  • 6’h x 5’w


Red Carpet Rose
  • when blooms are finished, they dry, fade and blow away
  • self-cleaning
  • can be free-flowing or trimmed to shape


Pumilio Mugo Pine
  • very hardy evergreen
  • 3’h x 3’w


First year tree

Autumn Maple
  • super hardy for our area
  • goblet shape
  • disease resistant
  • turns all shades of color in fall
  • 30’h x 20’w


First year tree

Flowering Pear
  • blooms in springtime, not fruit producing
  • amazing fall color
  • 30’h x 15-20’w


Tor Spirea or Blue Kazoo

  • drought tolerant, super hardy
  • blooms 2-3 times throughout summer
  • 3’h x 3’w


Little Quick Fire Hydrangea
  • hardy and heat tolerant
  • blooms midsummer, white to pink
  • 4’h x 3’w


Vanderwolf Pine
  • super hardy
  • soft needles and drops very few
  • 22-25’h x 5-7’w


Nine Bark
  • has year round interest, blooms late spring
  • when leaves fall off, the branches are shade of red
  • 22-25’h x 5-7’w
  • 8’h x 8’w


Butterfly Bush
  • super hardy blooms all summer
  • attracts hummingbirds and butterflies
  • favorite varieties include Miss Violet, Miss Molly, Miss Ruby
  • 4-5’h x 3-4’w


Black Eyed Susan
  • extremely heat tolerant
  • blooms all summer
  • 2’h x 2’w

For more details on the Urban Series by Blackrock Homes, please contact Jeremy at 208.861.3600.

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