Stay fit with Movado’s nearby pathways

What better time to get to know the pathways in and around Movado than Thanksgiving Week? Having these pathways so conveniently close banishes most excuses and offers some nice variety for a leisurely walk or fast paced run, while avoiding busy arterial streets. 
For our run, we began at the Five Mile Creek Pathway where it intersects Movado Way and headed west, with our MapMyRun app tracking our progress. Please see the aerial below, once on the Ridenbaugh Canal Path, we did a quick out and back before re-entering Movado to head east. We eventually returned to the Five Mile Creek Pathway and then turned north to Overland Road, before looping back to the start. We’ve mapped out our tour below, covering 2 miles at just over 10-minute pace. All in all, it was a flat, easy run with plenty of paved surfaces.

Aerial view of our 2.12 mile loop

Screenshot of our run with the MapMyRun by Under Armour

Some background, the City of Meridian is striving to create a greenbelt system for recreational use. While Meridian has many beautiful amenities, the Boise River is not one of them. Therefore, our city planners used a little creativity and ingenuity here and there, encouraging builders and developers to participate in the Meridian Pathways Network. Movado’s development team supported the City’s vision and took into account the location of the existing Ridenbaugh Canal Pathway when designing the plat. The team also funded and built a section of the Five Mile Creek Pathway where it intersects Movado.
Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please feel free to call me if I can be of service in any way. 
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