Balance and kindness amid this unexpected month

Even Idaho is proving to not be exempt from the reaches of COVID-19. In the past week I’ve worked in seemingly two completely different environments. During the day, I can go for hours at a very typical pace with little conversation that is not work-related. It’s interesting that on paper to date, one would not see the influences of coronavirus on our home sales. Blackrock Homes continues to move forward at a familiar pace. 
However, it’s unavoidable to see the effects of this virus and the subsequent restrictions that have been put into practice. Many lifestyle changes are happening, and I’m grateful for our first responders, medical professionals and everyone else who continues to serve our community.
Beyond my desk, I see homeowners reaching out to see how they can help each other or fellow neighbors in this uncertain time. Coordinating meals, offering trips for essentials, or dropping off fresh flowers is happening in Movado and Verado. I’m sure this is not all that uncommon in Idaho (because we have a great state!), but it’s inspirational to see it happening in new neighborhoods where homeowners have little history together.
During this time, here in Movado and Verado, we have a modified schedule. Our finished model homes will be open 12 – 5, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, until re-evaluated. Private appointments, either in person or through FaceTime, are also possible options. Being mindful of social distancing, using hand sanitizer and regular hand-washing are consistent practices. Our model homes are professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
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