Will Dilmore, MIRM

Since 1994, Will has been a full time real estate agent in Boise Valley, primarily working in new construction communities. He has proudly represented Blackrock Homes for over 20 years. You can contact Will at 208.867.1622 or will@woodhousegroup.net

New attached homes along Blueberry Street

We’re excited to announce that our first attached homes along Blueberry Street are nearly complete. It’s been over six months since we’ve had attached homes available to purchase, so this is especially exciting news here at Movado. While we… Continue reading

Creative thinking behind the Biltmore design

Outside-the-box thinkers have a way making everything a little bit better. From cooking to writing, or designing to building, it’s the ones that have the original thoughts that impress the most. And that’s what we’ve found with the designers behind… Continue reading